1 feb. 2016

Where I have been all this time?

Hello, Hello!

Lately, I haven't sent any letter... My life had a lot of changes, I moved, changed of school and burocracy will make me crazy. Well, the important thing is that I'm back and I'm completly fine, haha. In the future, I will share with you some pictures of my flat, maybe you are courious about how does a flat looks like in Taiwan 

For today, I want to share my experience in a wonderful place I visited with my chinese school. I really enjoyed the clean air and the beautiful landscape. I also had the opportunity to take a walk among trees and nature. I visited two places that day, but today I want to share my experience in the Xitou Forest (溪頭自然教育園區-Xitou Nature Educational Area).

I recommend that if you visit this place, you must bring energy for a long walk around, and also some snacks (or just buy them in the convenience store that is placed just in the entrance). Those days in Taiwan, weather was getting really cold, as I heard we were hitten by a cold wage, so it have been extreamly cold, that was terrible for me because I only bring really summery clothes to Taiwan -.-''

Well, Xitou forest is not nice to enjoy the landscape, also have many games and activities, so i recommend to go there, as I do for almost every place I visited here. But this one, I will specially recommed for those people who come live here and want to clean their lumbs with fresh air..

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